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Calendar of Ukrainian Orthodox Saints
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The first date is according to the Julian calendar, while the second is according to the Gregorian calendar.
    Compiled by Dr. Alexander Roman

"All Saints of the Kyiv Caves are celebrated on the Second Sunday of the Great Fast," but also include: St Sudislav, Son of St Volodymyr the Great, Recluse of Kyiv (1063) St Svyatoslav/Nicholas, Kyivan Kniaz (1076) St Nicholas, Bishop of Pereyaslav (1080) St John II, Metropolitan of Kyiv (1089) St Luke, Bishop of Bilhorod (1090) St Marin, Bishop of Yuriev (1095) St Nicholas, Metropolitan of Kyiv (1104) St Ephrem, Bishop of Rostov (1112) Venerable St Cyril, Ihumen at Kyiv (1146) St Euthymius, Bishop of Pereyaslav (1149) St Damian, Bishop of Yuriev and Kaniv (1154) St Hlib Horodensky, Prince of Kyiv (1168).

All Saints of the Kyiv Caves Lavra are celebrated on the Second Sunday of the Great Fast.

All Saints of the Zvirenetsky Caves Monastery are celebrated on the Fifth Sunday of the Great Fast.

The Icon of the Kasperivska Mother of God in Odessa is celebrated on Bright Wednesday of Paschal Week. 

March 1/14  Hieromartyr St Alexander Ilyenkiv of Berdyansk (1942). Commemoration of Barsonofiy Hrynevich, Archbishop of Tver (1958).

March 2/15  St Arsenius, Bishop of Tver of the Kyiv Caves (1409).

March 3/16  St Iov (Boretsky) Metropolitan of Kyiv, Halych and all Rus’ (1603)  This great hierarch, among his many achievements, restored the Cathedral of St Michael in Kyiv where his relics are enshrined.  He was glorified a saint by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kyivan Patriarchate.  Commemoration of Hryhorij Lisovsky, Metropolitan of Poltava (1927). 

March 4/17  Hieromartyr Archpriest St Dmitry Ivaniv of Kyiv (1933). St Harasym of Vologda (1178), tonsured at Kyiv Hniletsk monastery. St Vasilko, Martyr and Prince of Rostov (1238). Martyrs St Yuri Vsevolodovich, his wife, St Agafia, daughter St Theodora, daughters in law Sts Maria and Christina, grandson St Dmitri, sons Sts Vsevolod and Mstislav (1238 - both Vasilko and his uncle St Yuri were related to St Michael of Chernihiv by marriage). Commemoration of Staretz Feodosiy Pochayivsky (1906).

March 5/18  Sts Basil (1249) and Constantine (1257) princes of Yaroslavl. 
Translation of the relics of St Theodore, prince of Smolensk and Yaroslavl (1299) and his children St David (1321) and St Constantine (1322). 

March 6/19  Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God of Kyiv-Belz also “of Czestochowa.” 

The famous Black Madonna was originally a gift from Byzantium to the royal court of Kyiv and was later taken by the Polish prince Vladislav Opolskie from Belz to Czestochowa, but miraculous copies abound in Kyiv and many other places in Ukraine (e.g. Turkovetske and Hoshiv).  In the 15th century, St Theodore Ostrozhky – then a soldier fighting the Poles – was in Czestochowa during peace negotiations when he saw the Black Madonna at her shrine.  Considering it an icon of Kyivan Rus’ that was stolen by the Poles, he tried to remove the icon to take it back to Ukraine with him.  He was arrested on charges of “blasphemy” and during his trial told the Polish court that this icon was originally “of Rus’” and that he intended to bring it home to Ukraine where it belonged.  He later became a monk and saint of the Kyiv Caves Lavra.

March 7/20  Holy Hieromartyrs of Kherson:  Sts Basil, Ephraim, Capiton, Eugene, Aetherius, Elpidius and Agathadorus (4th c.).  Saint Petro Konashevych-Sahaydachny, Hetman of Ukraine (1622 - glorified by the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church)

March 8/21  Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Kursk-Root” (“Kurska-Korinna”).

March 9/22  The Holy 40 Martyrs of Sebastea.  (320)  Very popular in Ukraine, their icons adorn the apse of the St Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.  They were martyred in Armenia by being placed naked on a frozen lake until they died – one of their number gave up but was soon replaced by a Roman soldier who was converted to Christ at the sight of the martyrs’ determination in suffering.   
St Jonah, archbishop of Novhorod (1470).  St Theodosius Levitsky, Priest of Odessa (1845).  St Dimitra Ihorova, Nun and Founder of the Vovedenska Convent in Kyiv (1878).   Albazinska icon of the Most Holy Theotokos in Siberia - popularized by the Ukrainian Orthodox missionary saints in Siberia, especially by the four Ukrainian Metropolitans of Tobilsk:  Sts John (Maximovych), Paul (Koniushkevych), Theophil (Leschynsky) and Anthony (Stakhovich). 
Commemoration of Sche-archimandrite Theophil (Rossokha) of the Kyiv Caves, Kitayivsky Skete (1996).

March 10/23  St Paul of Taganrog (1879).  A Ukrainian from Chernihiv, St Paul was a holy layman who lived at Taganrog to the east of the Black Sea.  An ascetic who slept on a wooden board, he was constantly in prayer and would receive very many people who came to him for advice.  Russian biographies of him note that he constantly spoke his native Ukrainian language.  Today there is a Ukrainian embroidered “rushnyk” mantle-towel over the door of his home which is Taganrog’s greatest religious shrine.

March 11/24  St Sophronius, recluse of the Kyiv Caves (13th c.)  St Alexius of the Holosiyivsky Skete of the Kyiv Caves (1917). 

March 14/27  St Rostislav-Michael, Sovereign of Kyiv (1167).  St Theognost, Metropolitan of Kyiv (1353). Hieormartyr St Nikodim, Archbishop of Kostroma (of Odessa).   Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of St Theodore (cell icon of St Alexander Nevsky).

March 15/28  Hieromartyr St Michael Bohoslovsky of Berdyansk (1942).

March 16/29 Commemoration of Metropolitan Ilarion Ohienko of Winnipeg and all Canada (1972 - the process of the formal glorification of Metropolitan Ilarion has begun in Ukraine under the auspices of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church). Commemoration of Archbishop Anthony of Kamenets-Podilsk (1827).

March 17/30  St Alexius, Man of God (411).  On this day, Ukrainian beekeepers bless their hives and begin their work for the new honey season.    St Hurias (Karpov) archbishop of Simferopil (1882).    Hieromartyr St Victor Kyraniv of Berdyansk (1942).

March 18/31  St Maria Skobtsova (Elizabeth Pilenko), Nun, who suffered at Ravensbruck death camp (1945).

(St Maria of Paris set up a soup kitchen in Paris during World War II and performed many other works of charity.  As her friend, a Jew, was being led with others by the Nazis to die in the gas chambers, Maria pushed her out of line and took her place.  The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Paris (whose mother, a Jew, also died in the Nazi terror) attended her Orthodox glorification by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and told news media that she should definitely be included in the Latin calendar of saints.) 

March 19/April 1  St Maria, wife of Prince Vsevolod III (1206).  Smolensk icon of the Mother of God “Umilennie” (of Tender Feeling, “Rozchulennia”). St Sophia, Princess of Slutsk, descendant of the Sovereigns of Kyivan-Rus', glorified by St Peter Mohyla (1612).

March 20/April 2  New Hieromartyr St Nicholas Holz, Priest of Novoselski of Cholm and Pidlassia (1944).

March 22/April 4  St Basil of Mangazea, Martyr in Siberia (1602) Holy Hieromartyr St Basil (Zelentsov) Bishop of Prilutsk, Vicar of Poltava (1930).   Commemoration of Maria Berushko of Brazil and eight students who died trying to save people during a fire in their school (1986) http://old.risu.org.ua/eng/news/article%3b18582 

March 23/April 5  St Nicon, Ihumen of the Kyiv Caves (1088).  St Elena (Bakhteiv), Nun of the Florischevsky Ascension Convent in Kyiv (1834).  St Elena was a friend of the great Ukrainian St Tikhon of Zadonsk.  When the latter insisted on being buried in a humble wooden coffin, the monks found they could not fit his body into it with all his Episcopal robes, and so they buried him in another, larger coffin.  St Helen asked for and received St Tikhon’s first coffin in which she herself was buried. 

March 24/April 6  St Zecharias, Faster of the Kyiv Caves (13th c.).  St Parthenius (Partenaki) New Hieromartyr and patriarch of Constantinople (1657 - highly venerated in Ukraine for his support of the Ukrainian Church).

March 25/April 7 Annunciation of the Most Holy Mother of God.  St Parthenius, monk of the Kyiv Caves (1855).  St Justin (Popovich), Archimandrite in Serbia (1979 - he spent time in Ukraine and his name was formally entered into the Ukrainian Orthodox calendar as a result).

Berdychiv Icon of the Theotokos.

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God "Cardiotissa" of the Annunciation Monastery in Bortnichi, Kyiv.

March 26/April 8  Crimean Martyrs:  Hieromartyrs Sts. Bathusius and Bercus, Priests, Monk-martyr Arpilus and Martyrs Abibus, Agnus, Reasus, Igathrax, Iscoeus, Silas, Signicus, Sonerilas, Suimbalus, Thermus, Phillus, Anna, Alla, Larissa, Manca, Mamica, Vereka (Virko), Animaida, Queen Gaatha and Duklida (375). 

March 27/April 9  St Anthony (Stakhovsky), metropolitan of Tobilsk in Siberia (1740).  Icons of the Theotokos “Sweet-kissing” (“Tsiluyushcha”) and of the Akathist.   

March 28/April 10  Holy Venerable Martyr St Eustratius of the Kyiv Caves (1096).  Holy New Hieromartyr Petro Okhryzko, Priest of Chartoviec, Kholm and Pidlassia (1944). 

March 29/April 11 Saint Marko of the Pskov Caves Monastery (15th c.). 
St Marko was of the Kyiv Caves Monastery who came to Pskov to establish a similar monastic establishment there.  The history of the Pskov Caves relates that many Kyiv Caves monastics came there, although their names are mostly not recorded for posterity.  The Pskov Caves Monastery is a “daughter monastery” of the Kyiv Caves and its saints belong, by right, to the Ukrainian Choir of Saints. A similar monastic establishment founded on the model of the Kyiv Caves Lavra was built by St Dionysius of the Kyiv Caves and Archbishop of Suzdal.

New Martyrs Priest Paul Voinarsky and the brothers Paul and Alexius Kiryan in Crimea (1919).

March 30/April 12  Saint Sophronius (Krystalsky) Bishop of Irkutsk (1771). 

March 31/April13  St Hypatius the Healer of the Kyiv Caves (14th c.)  St Jonah, Metropolitan Kyiv (1461).  St Philaret, abbot of Hlinsk Hermitage (1841).  Holy New Confessor and Miracle-worker, St Arseny Richynsky the Physician of Volyn (1956).

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