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Calendar of Ukrainian Orthodox Saints
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The first date is according to the Julian calendar, while the second is according to the Gregorian calendar.
    Compiled by Dr. Alexander Roman

June 1/14  St Agapitus, unmercenary physician of the Kyiv Caves (1095).  St Justin (Popovich) of Serbia (1979).  St Justin Popovich has been formally included in the Ukrainian Orthodox calendar of Saints because of his work in Ukraine.

June 2/15 Commemoration of Fr. Havriil Kovalenko of Poltava, martyr, (1938).

June 3/16 St Joasaph Kaminsky (1453 - descendant of St Theodore of Smolensk).

June 5/18  Translation to Chernihiv in 1150 of the relices of St Ihor-Yurij, tonsured “Gabriel”, Prince of Chernihiv (1147).   Blessed Constantine, Metropolitan of Kyiv (1159).  St Theodore Yaroslavich of Novhorod (1233), brother of St Alexander Nevsky.

June 8/21  St Theodore, Bishop of Rostov and Suzdal (1023).

June 10/23 St Silouan of the Kyiv Caves (14th c.).  St John (Maximovych), Metropolitan of Tobolsk (1715) and All Saints of Siberia. Martyrs of Ryazan of 1237: Saints Yurij, Oleh, Roman, Hlib and David, Princes; St Agripinna, Princess. Hieromartyr St Euphrosyn, Bishop of Ryazan.

June11/24  Translation of the Relics of St Ephraim, Ihumen of Novotorzhok (1053).  Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Axion Estin” or “Dostoyno Yest.”

June 12/25  St Onuphrius the Great (400).  Synaxis of All Saints of St Onuphrius Monastery at Jablechna in Poland.  Miracle-working icons of the Theotokos and of St Onuphrius at St Onuphrius Monastery.   Icon of the Mother of God of Manjava Skete.

June 13/26 The Weeping Icon of the Mother of God of Ternopil.

June 14/27  St Mstislav-Yurij, Prince of Novhorod (1180).   Hieromartyr St Cyril III, Patriarch of Alexandria (1638).  Cyril Lucaris was a relative of St Meletios Pigas, Patriarch of Alexandria, who sent him to Ukraine where Cyril became a professor at the Ostrozhka Academia.  He was both a patriarch of Alexandria as well as of Constantinople as he struggled to defend the Orthodox Church against her various enemies.  He was martyred by the Turks on the charge that he was plotting with the Ukrainian Kozaks to create a general insurrection against the Sultan. The controversial charges against him, namely, that he was a “Protestant” and had composed a Protestant creed were rejected by Orthodoxy and he was glorified a Saint by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.

June15/28   St Michael, first Metropolitan of Kyiv (992)  St Jonah, Metropolitan of Kyiv (1461).

June 16/29  Hieromartyr Hermohen, Bishop of Tobolsk (1936).

June 17/30  St Michael, Ihumen of the Kyiv Zverynetsky Caves (1087).

June 18/July 1   St Leontius, canonarch of the Kyiv Caves (14th c.).  St Jonah of Odessa (1924). 

June 19/July 2  St John Maximovych, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco (1966).   St John was from Poltava and a direct descendant of his patronal namesake, St John Maximovych, Metropolitan of Siberia.  His ancestor translated the Divine Liturgy into Chinese, but it was his descendant, St John of Shanghai, who served it in China.  St John founded the Orthodox Churches of France, the Netherlands and Spain.  He founded an orphanage in the Philippines for Chinese, Filipino, Ukrainian and Russian children which he moved to San Francisco.  There he built the Cathedral of the Mother of God, Joy of all who Sorrow and was enshrined there after his repose.  His glorification as a saint was celebrated in many languages around the world and he is called the “Apostle of the Diaspora.” 

Commemoration of Archbishop Leonty (Filippovich) of Chile (1971 - a direct descendant of St Afanassiy (Filippovich) the Venerable Martyr of Brest).

June 20/July 3  Scythian Martyrs Sts Inna, Pinna and Rimma, disciples of St Andrew the Apostle (1st c.).  St Minas, Bishop of Polotsk, Ihumen of the Kyiv Zverynetsky Caves (1116).  St Nicephorus Cantacuzenos, Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, martyred at Marienburg in Galicia (1599)  Nicephorus was sent by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople to western Ukraine to oppose the finalization of the Union of Brest.  He was arrested by the Catholic authorities and died from ill-treatment in prison).

June 23/July 6  St Dionysius of Polotsk (1182).  Holy Hieromartyr St Maximus (Zhizhilenko), Bishop of Serpukhov (1930).

Martyrs of Volodymyr of 1238: Saints Vsevolod, Mstislav, Volodymyr, Dmitro, Yurij, Basil of Rostov and Vsevolod of Yaroslav; Hieromartyr St Mitrophan, Archbishop of Volodymyr, Hieromartyr St Pakhomij, Archimandrite of Volodymyr, Hieromartyr St Daniel, Ihumen of Volodymyr, Hieromartyr St Theodosij, Ihumen of Volodymyr; Saints Ahafia, Theodora, Maria and Christina, Princesses.

June 24/July 7  Nativity of St John the Baptist.   St Michael, Prince of Tver (1318).  Translation of the relics in 1492 of the Great-Martyr John the New to Suchava (1332 – patron saint of Bukovina in Ukraine).  St Job (Kniahynytsky) and St Theodosius of the Manjavsky Skete.   St John, monk of the Kyiv Zverynetsky Caves (1096). St Rostislav-Michael, Sovereign of Kyiv (1167). New Hieromartyr St Andrij Boychuk (1941). The Miraculous (roadside) Crucifix of Kalinovka near Vinnitsa that gushed forth true Blood when it was shot at by the communists (1923).

June 25/July 8  Holy Prince St Peter and Princess St Febronia, Wonderworkers of Murom (1228 – Ukrainian patron saints of marriage).  St Heliodorus, schema-archimandrite of Hlinsk Hermitage (1879). 

June 26/July 9  St John, Bishop of the Goths in Crimea (800).  St Dionysius, Archbishop of Suzdal, of the Kyiv Caves (1385).  Tikhvin icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.

June 27/July 10  St Martin of Turiv (1146)

June 28/11  Icon of the Theotokos of the Three Hands. A copy of the cell-icon of the Three Hands belonging to St Jonah Miroshnychenko has been declared miraculous in Kyiv.  The original was of St John of Damascus whose right hand was cut off on orders of the emperor to prevent him from writing in defence of the veneration of icons.  John later asked for his hand back and it miraculously re-attached itself to his arm.  In thanksgiving, he placed a silver hand votive on his icon which became known as “Three-Handed” and is today the patronal icon of Serbia.

Sts Sergius and Herman of Valaam (10th c.)

June 29/July 12  The Holy, Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Sts Peter and Paul. 

First Saturday after the Feast of Sts Peter and Paul:  All Saints of Chernihiv, including Prince St David of Chernihiv (1123), Venerable St Gennady the Iconographer of Chernihiv (who wrote the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Illin-Chernihiv) and St Panteleimon, Bishop of Chernihiv (1142).  Pryazhevska and Kolodyevska icons of the Mother of God at Zhitomir.  Kasperivska Icon of the Mother of God (Korsun) at Odessa.

June 30/July 13  St Peter, Prince of the Tatar Horde, wonderworker of Rostov (1290)  The grandson of Genghis Khan was converted by missionaries of the Church of Kyiv. Glorification of St Sophronius, bishop of Irkutsk.

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