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Calendar of Ukrainian Orthodox Saints
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The first date is according to the Julian calendar, while the second is according to the Gregorian calendar.
    Compiled by Dr. Alexander Roman

December 2/15  St Athanasius the Resurrected – recluse of the Kyiv Caves (1176).  St Athanasius another Recluse of the Kyiv Caves (1264).  Venerable St Alexij (Kabaliuk) (1947).  St Alexij spent his life assisting the growth and development of Orthodoxy in the Carpathian region. Hieromartyr St Matthew Oleksandriv of Kyiv (1921). December 24/January 6 Martyrs Protopresbyter St Michael Shafaniv and Presbytera St Sofia (1918)

December 3/16 Commemoration of Nun Rafaela (Chernetska) of Zhitomir (2005). St Ilarion (Hrihorovish), Native of Chernihiv, Monk of the Kyiv-Bratsky Monastery, Bishop (1759). St Parasceva (Rodimtseva), Abbess of Toplovsky Convent in Simferopil (1928).

December 4/17  The Holy Great-Martyr St Barbara (3rd c.).

St Barbara is a patron saint of the city of Kyiv (where her relics are enshrined) and there was a time when tourists to Kyiv received a free copy of the Akathist in her honour.  Religious medals depicting Sts Anthony and Theodosius of the Kyiv Caves would often have a depiction of St Barbara on the other side.  The daughter of an avidly pagan Roman senator, St Barbara was boiled in oil for her determination to remain a Christian.  This led to the practice of boiling pyrohy in oil on her feast-day.

December 5/18 Sche-archimandrite St Anthony (Zheretiyenko) and Archimandrite St Macarius (Velichko) of the Kyiv Caves.

December 6/December 19  St Nicholas the Wonderworker, archbishop of Myra in Lycia.  The miraculous apparition of St Nicholas at the First Ecumenical Council.  The Wonderworking icon of St Nicholas the Drenched of St Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv.

This is the feast day of “Cold Nicholas” as he is popularly called in Ukraine, his great festal day as the patron of children in particular.   He is a patron of Ukraine and many legends surround his various patronages, including prayers in honour of his seven major miracles mentioned in his Life. 

While at the first Ecumenical Council that condemned Arianism, St Nicholas punched Arius in the face and was censured by the Fathers of the Council for behaviour unbecoming a Bishop.  His bishop’s mantle and gospel were taken away from him.  But at that moment, an apparition occurred with the appearance of Christ and His Mother on either side of Nicholas, bearing a bishop’s mantle and a gospel-book.  The Fathers then immediately reinstated Nicholas and icons of him to this day celebrate the miraculous event. 

December 7/20 St John, Faster of the Kyiv Caves (12th c.).   Holy New Hiero-confessor St Ambrose (Polyansky) Bishop of Kamenets-Podilsky (1932).

December 9/22 Conception by St Anna of the Most Holy Theotokos.  Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, “Unexpected Joy.”

December 10/23  St Joasaph (Horlenko), Bishop of Bilhorod (1754) Commemoration of Blessed Juliana (Ulana), first cousin of St Joasaph (18th c.), St. Volodymyr Vasilkovych, Prince of Galicia-Volyn

December 11/24  Saint Kuksha (Velichko) Monk of Odessa (1964).

December 13/26  St Orest with others, Martyrs at Sebaste.   St Arcadius of Novotorzhok, disciple of St Ephrem (1077).  St Mardarius the Recluse of the Kyiv Caves (13th c.)  St Dosifey (Barile, 1711), Metropolitan of Suchava and all Moldavia.  (St Dosifey, a Romanian hierarch, lived and worked for a time in Galicia where he enshrined the relics of St John the New of Suchava at Zhokvka.  He has been formally included in the list of All Saints of Galicia.)Commemoration of Bishop Theodore, Wonderworker of Troliv Convent in Kyiv (1924).  Commemoration of Schemamonk Panteleimon the Resurrected of Hlinsk Hermitage (1895).

December 15/28  St Stephen the Confessor, Archbishop of Surozh in Crimea (790).  All Saints of Crimea. St Sava, Archbishop of Surozh (12th c.)

December 16/29  Commemoration of Hieromartyr Arkady (Ostalsky) Vicar of Poltava (1937). Hieromartyr St Arkady (Ostalsky) of Volyn, Bishop of Lubny (1937).

December 18/31  Holy Martyr St Vira Truks of Zhitomir.

December 19/January 1  Holy Hieromartyr Capiton, Bishop of Kherson (4th c.).    St Elias of Murom, Wonderworker of the Kyiv Caves (1188).   St Seraphim (Romantsiv) schema-archimandrite and Elder of Hlinsk Monastery (1975). St Volodymyr Veselovsky (1974).

December 20/January 2  St Ignatius, Archimandrite of the Kyiv Caves (1435).  St Anthony (Smirnitsky) Archbishop of Voronezh (1846). Novhorod Icon of the Mother of God

December 21/January 3  St Philaret, Metropolitan of Kyiv, monk of the Kyiv Caves (1857).

December 22/January 4   St Anastasia of Rome, Deliverer from Bonds and poison.  Icon of the Mother of God, Ihumenia of Manjava Skete.

December 23/January 5   St Theoctist, Archbishop of Novhorod (1310).   Venerable Father St Theophan Rikhlovsky of the Nizhyn Eparchy (1977).

December 24/January 6 Venerable Martyr St Innokenty (Bida) of Poltava (1928). Martyrs Protopresbyter St Michael Shafaniv and Presbytera St Sofia (1918).

December 27/January 9  St Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich, Prince of Chernihiv (son of St Yaroslav the Wise).  Venerable Father St Bonifatij (Vynohradsky) of Kyiv (1871). 

December 28/January 10 Hieromonk St Pakhomij (Petin – 1985).

December 29/January 11  St Mark the Grave-Digger of the Kyiv Caves (11th c.) Sts Theophil and Ivan of the Kyiv Caves (12th c.)

December 30/January 12  Opening of the relics of St Daniel, Ihumen of Pereyaslavl-Zalissky (1540).

December 31/January 13  St Melania of Rome.  Hieroconfessor Dosithey Vasich, Metropolitan of Zagreb (1945) (formally included in the Ukrainian calendar for his work in support of Orthodoxy in Zakarpattia).

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